If you are the one who book tatkal ticket for same family members or friends again and again, then you’ll love this feature. We present a super simple way to save your ticket information securely inside your own browser to reuse it again the next time you book your tickets.


Step 1:

Press CTRL + SHIFT + B inside your chrome window to always show your bookmarks bar. You can also go to chrome settings and check the check mark near “Always show bookmarks bar”. In Firefox, right click anywhere near the top right settings icon and click on “Bookmarks Tool-bar” to show always your bookmarks bar on Firefox.


Step 2:

Now after clicking on copy button, you will find Auto Paste IrctcEasyBook button. Just click and drag it to the bookmarks bar and leave it there. It will make a permanent bookmark for your ticket data.



Step 3:

Once you completed booking your ticket, the ticket data is available for you in the bookmark you just made. The next time you book a ticket for same group of members just open https://irctceasybook.com and click on the “Auto Paste IrctcEasyBook” bookmark from your bookmarks toolbar, now the previous ticket data will be auto pasted to the IrctcEasyBook form. Then you can change the date as per your needs and then click on copy button to copy the new data.

How to delete?

Once you clear your browser cache memory the ticket data in the bookmark gets deleted. Press CTRL + SHIFT + DEL inside your browser window to clear your browser cache and stored data

Security :

The data is saved securely inside your browser window. No one can able to see or access the data saved inside your browser.  If you are on a shared computer, we strongly recommend to delete the data saved inside your browser by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + DEL after booking your tatkal ticket (or) please don’t use this feature.

We simply cannot see you miss your train again

Every second matters during tatkal hours...we help you save many of such valuable seconds & tremendously increase the chances of getting confirmed takal tickets no matter how many times you travel with in a year.